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ALB-LS-40 Płoty (gw) - premise for sale



Agent's details

Agent Offer
Piotr Gładysz
509 895 285
License: 20712

Agent's supervisor

License 20712


Offer's symbol ALB-LS-40
Location Płoty (gw)
Building type detached house
Total area [m2] 102,00 m²
Storey ground floor
Price 275 000 PLN
Price/m2 2696.08 PLN


Costs ref to counters Current, gas, Water
No. of floors in the building 1
Premises state for registration
Legal status property
Windows new PCV
Fittings listed
Premises type one-storey
Premises utility commercial, trade - service
Access asphalt
Alarm yes
Break-prooven doors yes
Parking available yes
Self parking place yes
Premises location busy street
Shop window from the street
Entrance from the street
Floors terracotta


No. of storage rooms 1
No. of social rooms 1